Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Smartphone online addiction

Technology Is Here To Stay

Technology and new ways to keep in touch have moved along hand in hand over the last few years. Progress, by it's very nature, means that we move forward with our discoveries and inventions. So things like smartphones, ipads, tablets etc are here to stay and be improved apon. There really is no getting away from it and no hiding place from the advancement of technology. Unless, of course, you live in a cave. Some people try to shun this type of thing or at least get by the best that they can without using it if they can get away with it. At the other end of the scale are the people that positively embrace technology and just could not do without it.

Online Addiction

It's one thing to stay up to speed with whats going on in the world but quite another to be plugged into the net around the clock. It would seem that some people just can't function in their daily routine without being online and in touch with others who are similarly afflicted. These people just can't seem to perform any action without the use of their phone or pad. What is it that they think they will miss if they have to put their phone away for just one minute? Some of them don't seem to be able to get through life without having two or three phones as well as pads and tablets. A journey, however short, cannot be made by these people without constant reference to the phone that seems to be glued to their hand. I have witnessed many times a group of three or four people sitting together and rather than talk to each other they are engaged in deep conversation with someone on their phone. This can't be right. We seem to be unable to hold a face to face conversation any more. And text massages! Don't get me started on that subject. Social skills seem to have gone out of the window in favour of this cyber communication and i feel it's gone too far to do anything about. But what is it that these people are really doing on their phones that is so important?


BTS Bangkok, Thailand

I spent a year working in Bangkok and my job took me to all parts of the city. Whenever it was possible i used the skytrain (BTS) I was amazed to see how many fellow travellers were unable to make the short journey without the use of their phones. A lot of them were well heeled executive types on their way to or from work. I imagined that they were keeping in touch with the latest big city merger or acquisition. Maybe for-ex or some other high powered trading on the hoof. But time and time again when i glanced over their shoulder i could see that they were completing another level of candy crush or adding a cabbage patch to their make believe farm. High powered stuff indeed! Over a period of time i began to feel sorry for these people. What empty lives they must all be leading.
One morning a young woman boarded the train at Asoke with her tablet in hand. She seemed able to board and take her place without once diverting her attention away from her latest task on her cyber pig farm. But on this particular morning she got it wrong. As the doors slid shut with a hiss, they caught the corner of the tablet. It was sent spinning from her hand and down into the gap between the train and the platform. The poor woman looked on in open mouthed horror as we pulled out of the station. She was close to tears. I often wonder if she was more perturbed at the loss of an expensive item or the fact that her pigs would be going hungry until she found a replacement.

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