Thursday, September 4, 2014

Make money for writing articles

Anyone landing on this blog by mistake, or hopefully otherwise,
 may be interested to know about a fairly new site where i've just started writing articles.   I've had fun setting up an account there and writing my first few articles. It's not going to make me rich but it's a good platform to air my views and opinions and get some comments from the general public and fellow writers alike. 
            I'm writing under the pen name of Thaibeefy. So, head over there and see what i've got to say.  I've tried to keep this blog pertinant to Thailand and what is going on with me on a personal level. The site at daily2cents gives me a chance to share my thought on just about anything. As always i look forward to comments and feedback.
             I nearly forgot. I've also started writing a few bits and bobs on  Hope you have time to check out my hubs on there.    Thanks for stopping by.

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