Saturday, August 16, 2014

Less Time

Well, from the title of the post i suppose you can guess what i'm about to say.  As it turns out I seem to have less time this weekend than i've had for ages. But i'm nothing if not true to my word and i did promise my readers a new post.
                               Although shorter than i had planned i still have time to make a few comments about my local BIG C store here in Takhli.   There has been much speculation about the arrival of a store offering a supermarket experience in Takhli for quite some time. However, when BIG C opened its doors for business here in Takhli sometime last year i was instantly disappointed.  There were, and still are, lots of empty shelves. The cunning practice of spreading out the goods to make a better stocked appearance really wasn't fooling anyone.   Within a few days everyone was referring to the store as "LITTLE C".
 With good reason.   To further compound my disappointment i soon discovered that the few goods that were available were out of this world expensive. The pricing policy seems to have no pattern to it. There is a team of store workers whose full time job is to go around the store changing prices.  The cost of items goes up and down like a yo-yo. It wouldn't be so bad if the prices went from cheap to expensive and back again. At least you would have a chance to purchase things when the price was low. But the cost swing goes from expensive to outrageous and anywhere in between.
                             Apart from the price changing staff there also seem to be a lot of people decked out in the bright green livery of their employer, just standing around doing nothing.   This is something i have seen before in other stores, Particularly in the electrical department. The electrical department at LITTLE C in Takhli consists of a few packs of batteries, 1 nightlight and a few assorted plugs. Of course, it goes without saying that this is overseen by 4 or 5 people.   The only area of the store that doesn't seem to be overstaffed is the checkouts. I waited there ages one day to purchase my batteries and then had to wait still further while a member of staff went off to find the key for the till.  I dont know how long she was gone because after 5 minutes, i left and went back to work.
                        So, the good people of Takhli still don't really have a supermarket and instead have to travel over to Chainat where there is a very well appointed Tesco Lotus store.
                       Please don't think i have only bad things to say about LITTLE C inTakhli. After all, there is LOADS of empty parking space !

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