Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jet Airways - Value for money ?

A quick scan of the internet for the cheapest flights between Thailand and the UK will invariably throw up the name of Jet Airways (india) as offering the best deals. But could paying less cost you more?
            Not put off by the chaotic transit process in Mumbai, i recently flew with Jet Airways for no other reason than it was the cheapest flight i could find.    A few days before departure i decided to change my travel dates. I phoned the Jet Airways office in Bangkok and, after being assured that i was entitled to a change of dates free of charge, i changed my itinerary with no fuss or bother.
               The next day i received an e-mail to confirm my new dates and a notification to say that i would be charged 1500 Baht at check-in for the change of date.  I phoned again and i was told that if i didn't pay the charge then i wouldn't be allowed to travel on my new dates.
                 On the day of departure i pleaded ignorance and poverty at the check-in desk but they stood firm  and weren't prepared to check me in without payment. So it was a simple case of pay up and shut up.
                 Let's fast forward to the return leg of the journey.   The young lady at the Heathrow check-in desk told me that i had to pay £31 for a change of date. I told her that i had already paid the fee some 3 months ago in Bangkok. She said that the payment wasn't showing on her system and the same rules as before applied.  So i had no choice but to pay AGAIN !       So, in summation, i payed TWICE  for a service that was supposed to be free of charge. (over £60)
service with a smile
Just to finish the story and properly besmirch the name of Jet Airways, I've one more thing to add.   On the flight to Deli, the attendant served everyone but me with their in-flight meal. She returned after 20 minutes to clear every ones trays and it still didn't register with her that i was sitting with an empty fold down table in front of me. The penny still hadn't dropped as i stowed the flaps of the table and told her "That was delicious" while sarcastically patting my tummy.
                                   You will all be familiar with the expression "service with a smile", well, i only got the smile !!


  1. Don't you just love budget airlines. We usually travel Air Asia. Unfortunately they can't be beaten on price, because they cost cut by reducing leg room and stuffing more chairs into the plane. They make money by selling food and charging for baggage weight, and turn the air con down to icy for an hour or so while they flog off their 'comfort' packs (which hey presto, include a blanket)...and just recently have introduced a $3 check in charge if you don't DIY online or at one of their little machines! Still can't work that one out, you still have to go and physically check in.

    As much as I love to loathe them, we'll continue to buy their cheap tickets.

    By the way, did you ever check the fine print?

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