Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome to my world.

Ask yourself a couple of questions. Are you an ex-pat living in Thailand? Do you wish you were an ex-pat living in Thailand? If you answer yes to either of these questions then my blog will certainly be of interest to you.
                    Those of you who already live here will be able to identify with my experiences and those of you who don't, but would like to, will  maybe benefit from the lessons i have learnt along the way.
                          I'm 48 years old and i've been living in amazing Thailand for nearly 7 years. I spent the first 2 years in sin city (Pattaya) This is a destination that has spawned plenty of tales. Some amusing and some cautionary. However, for the last 5 yers i've been living up country in central Thailand near the town of Takhli in Nakon Sawan province. I live here with my Thai wife of 6 years and her mum and dad. Laong runs a small shop in the downstairs part of our home and also farms rice on a modest scale.  For my sins i'm employed as an english teacher for a teaching franchise called Smart Brain.
                            My time spent in country has allowed me to observe, comment and give advice on many aspects of this unique country and its people. From the ever changing visa regulations to affairs of the heart and the wallet, i have a thousand stories
                            Those of you who follow my blog in the future may well form the opinion that i don't look apon my adopted home with much favour. This just isn't true but may be reflected as such in the anecdotes.
                               I very much look forward to everyones comments, both positive and negative. Please feel free to e-mail me at or leave a comment directly on the blog page.
                          So let the journey begin.........................

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