Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The price of being a farang

A short while ago my wife and i decided to visit the bird park at Chainat. Although it's only 20 minutes drive from where we live, i just haven't found the time to go down there. So i was quite looking forward to visiting what the area boasts as it's best attraction.
                                    On arrival at the entrance my eyes were drawn straight away to a huge sign above the ticket office. The sign was displaying the cost of entry. The cost of entry for a Thai national was just 20 Baht but foreign nationals were expected to pay ten times the price at 200 Baht. While 200 Baht wouldn't seem to be an awful lot of money, let's just try and put things into perspective.
                            The same situation back in the UK would be like paying maybe 10 Pounds to enter a bird park and being expected to pay 100 Pounds to take my foreign wife in with me. Well, back in the UK i just wouldn't pay it and i wasn't too keen to pay the foreign surcharge in Chainat. I was quite prepared to sit outside sulking. But in the end it was another case of shut up and pay up.
                              I am pleased to report that it was actually quite a pleasant morning wandering around the clean, well maintained grounds.  I'm even more pleased to report that since the time of our visit the entry price for farangs is the same as Thai nationals.  It only takes half a day at the most to see everything that there is to see but it's full value for 20 Baht. So if you're in the area it's well worth checking out what i'm told is the largest bird park in South East Asia.


  1. Tom living near to SE Asia's biggest bird park does make me wonder if your car is constantly covered in black and white stuff that's fallen out the sky. In my experience birds like cra*ping on blue cars most.

    The double pricing policy on Thai National Parks is a debate which hits the blog sites from time to time. I myself think it's wrong but like you I pay up and get on with it.

    On a side note, for the past two months we've hung a bird seed feeder from our garden tree here in the UK. The seeds cost £2 a packet from our local Tesco store. The bast*rds are getting through nearly one packet a week. That's more worrying than an extra 180 baht payout once and a while.

    Best wishes from a very sunny Wiltshire.

  2. You fatten them up at your own cost and they dump all over your nice blue car. Theres gratitude for you!!!
    cheers Martyn......

  3. Hi Tom,

    I've found that flashing documentation which shows your residency - such as a work permit, driving license - will get you through the door for the Thai price.

    If that fails a little of the lingo as back up has worked for me without exception.

  4. Sound advice Jon. Thanks for your comment.